Why Your Data Governance Strategy Is Not Working And Ways To Overcome The Challenges

Importance of a Data Governance Strategy

  • Set rules for your team.
  • Implement these rules diligently.
  • Manage collected data through elaborate tools and practices.
  • It enables you to save money by simplifying your business operations.
  • Bad governance could have terrible downsides like sensitive data getting into the wrong hands.
  • A good strategy gives clarity on business processes and helps streamline workflow.

Common Pitfalls of Data Governance Strategies

  • Analytics strategy inept
  • Data blockage or silos breed misunderstanding
  • Problems with execution
  • Shiny New Toy Syndrome
  • Data inconsistencies

Tips to Strengthen Your Data Governance Strategy

  • Value your data: Data is a strategic aspect of any business. Use it wisely and implement a framework that allows you to leverage it to your benefit.
  • Allot teams: Create teams that will run the program and manage the strategy for you. They must be equipped to look after its processes and ensure that you use the ideal technology for your business.
  • Assign resources: Give your data governance program utmost attention. Assign funds and natural resources to the program so that it can run smoothly.
  • Fix issues along the way: You do not need to uproot your complete governance system at the first sign of failure. Assess your situation and come up with solutions that can help you move forward.
  • Prepare comprehensive repositories: The only way to learn as you go is by documenting your learnings. Repositories containing important information about your data governance strategy can be used as reference material in the future.
  • Keep data stakeholders in the loop: Use data governance strategies to tell your stakeholders about your internal decisions and keep them in the loop.

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